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Our own unique blend is what is so special about our chocolate.  David Burns our head chocolatier has perfected this recipe to ensure that no other chocolate tastes quite like Audreys.  Read on to find out what makes Audrey's Chocolates so special.

The melting  
 At Audreys our tempering process is unique and involves melting bars of chocolate in small batches overnight at 40 degrees, a very slow melting process that we believe adds to the flavour. Following this, the chocolate is conditioned by lowering its temperature to 20 degrees, to give it that satisfying ‘snap’ sound, then it is built up to 32 degrees to give it a glossy shine.

The process of tempering chocolate is a wonder to observe. Imagine our chocolatiers surrounded by vats of liquid chocolate, manipulating, blending and hand moulding it into something delicious.
 Many of our chocolates such as the fondants are coated by our chocolate enrobing machine, but first the fondants have to be made. The fondants are prepared by the same traditional method of starch moulds that have always been used by Audrey’s. The shape is made by one of our many moulds, which is then filled with a fondant cream filling. After the fondant mixture has set and cooled for an hour, it is then ready to be enrobed with layers of chocolate. The enrobing machine we use is the same machine we’ve used for decades; it’s a treasured family heirloom. When enrobing our chocolates, a layer is added to the bottom first to give a thick base, and then a second layer is added to the top, sealing the chocolates delicious centres.
Hand finishing  
 Some of our chocolates are not coated by our chocolate enbrobing machine they are made using the traditional method of liquid chocolate tempered by hand. This hand-tempering process is a true art form, as it involves no machinery or thermometers. It is simply a case of practice makes perfect, harnessing the senses of touch and sight to master the skilful technique of coating each chocolate by hand with the right amount to give you the perfect chocolate. They are then finished with its very own unique swirl or patterns to identify each chocolate - many of the designs date back over 60 years. The chocolates are then hand packed ready for you to enjoy.

Ready to eat      
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What are we working on now...

Fontants.... your choice is endless, rose, violet, blackcurrant, orange, strawberry, vanilla, coffee, lemon, lime, raspberry, apricot, mango, pineapple, coconut and of course, Turkish Delight. What will be your favourite.